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An Emphatic Stroke of Byzantine Whimsy

That State where Energy and Order Merge

Friends are important.

I talk about stuff in this journal. Most of it is about me, mainly because I'm a self-centered person. But a lot of it is about God because He's awesome, and about friends because they help me through. But it's mostly about me. Like this profile is.
american folk music, apologetics, bill cosby, british sketch comedy, chris thile, christianity, classic literature, classical fencing, coat racks, cosmology, creating christian role-playing games, distinguished-sounding names like "rothschild", existential literature, fourrier transforms, heraldry, honesty, irish music, jack handey, learning new instruments, logic games, moral philosophy, mst3k, new zealand folk-pop-parody duos, pat metheny, playing the piano, pretending to play fiddle, pretending to play mandolin, ridiculing stupid movies, satire, scotch tasting, scott adams, scottish spectator sports, sounding smart, sticking-it to the man, sting, tap dancing, using long words, worship ministry, writing bad poetry